Redfish Joe Fly (2 Colors)

$7.00 Price excludes Florida (only) Sales Tax



The Redfish Joe has gone through many changes over the years to improve its performance at catching redfish.  The spun deer hair body squishes when they grab hold of it.  This lack of artificiality seems to make the redfish hold on for that extra second or two for you to set the hook on the fish.  You will likely hook them on the inside of the mouth every time.  It just works!  Being a crab imitation, this needs to be fished slowly along the bottom where it tends to ride on top of the grass.  While not having a weedguard, the body of the fly does sluff off most weeds. Available in Natural and Olive colors.

One simple trick improves the performance of this fly.  After tying it to the hook with a small loop knot (I use a Homer Rhodes), wring the fly in the water for a bit in order to saturate the deer hair.  It will then sink better.

The Redfish Joe is a durable fly tied on an uber sharp Dai Riki 930 #2 hook.  Rinse it out in fresh water and reuse it.

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Natural, Olive

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