VMC 7106BN #1/0 Hook

$8.75 Price excludes Florida (only) Sales Tax

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This is the main hook I use for my standard sized EP Fiber Deceiver Flies. It is one tough hook up to the challenges of a tarpon class fish. It is an extremely sharp hook with a triple micro barb, heavy wire gauge, a black anodized finish, and an offset shank (which I straighten for my flies).This hook is VERY HARD TO FIND ANYWHERE! It is often used as a live bait hook for Kingfish in USA, and for carp fishing in Europe.  One of our local guide is tying the bulk of his tarpon flies on this hook-landed a bunch on it last season.
These hooks will come bulk packed (25 count) in a small zipper bag.  Umpqua started selling these hooks, called the “triple threat” for $19.80/25.

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