White Death Tarpon Double Bunny Fly

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Bunny flies are commonly used for Tarpon here in Florida.  Rabbit hair moves in the water even when standing still.  Local Tarpon fishing is generally in 8’+, not 3′ like in the Florida Keys.  Bunny Flies are ideal because they can get down quickly when presented to a school of moving Tarpon.

This Tarpon Bunny Fly is a classic.  These colors were commonly used in the past for daytime Tarpon fishing by many of the historic fly fisherman.  I got surprised once on this by a large Snook in deep water.  Tied on a stout Gamakatsu SL 12S #2/0 hook.  I epoxy the thread wraps and head of this fly.  It can be attached to your leader with either a loop knot or snelled.  There is a mono loop in the back to prevent the bunny fouling.

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