Fish Puke Minnow

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A friend sent me a picture of a Bonito he caught.  The fish spit up a belly full of small clear glass minnows all over the deck of the boat.  Seeing this, and hearing how particular the fish had been on size and color of fly, I came up with the Fish Puke Minnow.  The beauty of this fly is can be cut down even further in length when the fish are hitting micro bait.  This fly is bound to be a hit around the night dock lights in the winter months for Snook.  It should also work along the beach in the summer months.  Nice and flshy with good movement in the water.  Use short quick strips to retrieve the fly.

Tied slim and short with multiple layers of material, a epoxy head and 3D eyes for a great look in the water.  It is tied on a sharp Eagle Claw LO67 #6 Billy Pate plated hook.

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