EP Fiber Glo-In-The-Dark Deceiver Fly (2 Sizes)

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A friend on mine is extremely fond of this material. He went to the Amazon and caught a large amount of Peacock Bass on larger deceivers tied from this; when he lost them all, his luck waned. I felt it might work well here, and it does. The larger #1/0 fly works well in low light conditions for everything, and the smaller #2 fly is killer on snook on the lighted docks at night. Give them a target they can see! Bound to work well in the stained water in the ‘Glades just like the Amazon. It has a very bright flash material built in. Tied on a super strong, uber sharp VMC 7106BN either #1/0 or #2 hook. Try it.

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#1/0, #2

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