Boat Tail Minnow Fly (3 colors)

$5.40 Price excludes Florida (only) Sales Tax



The Boat Tail Minnow Fly is about the same size as a #2 bucktail Clouser Minnow with a broad head to push water and plenty of sparkle. I have fished the white one with success on both snook and seatrout.  The rootbeer color should be great for redfish.  A good fly for fishing the shallows, or on a sink tip line to fish a bit deeper.  Fast retrieves keep it sub surface, stop and it sinks horizontally.  Fished slowly or on a sink tip line it will plod along the bottom.Tied on an outstanding, uber sharp, heavy #2 VMC 7106BN hook with a weed guard.

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White-Red, Chartreuse, Rootbeer

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